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Destination Weddings, unique honeymoons on the Big Island of Hawaii. Get married in a cave, in the jungle, on the beach, near a volcano, or in a castle.

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  Paradise vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii - vacation rental house inn near Kehena Beach


(*there is life in the water from the clouds*)


It is true that the east side of the Big Island receives an annual rainfall of roughly one hundred inches (depending on your location, BUT you must remember that the reason this area is so spectacularly beautiful is BECAUSE OF the rain.

Most of the rainfall falls at night or very early in the morning. And more often than not a shower comes and goes in minutes. It seems that our area is the first to clear up as the clouds blow away. Our nearby community is Kalapana (which means "hole in the sky" and was named because this area seems to always be sunny, even when it rains all around the area)

So, if you get caught in the rain, will your trip be ruined? NO! In fact, you will witness even more beautiful colors and greater sights if it is raining. But chances are, that while you are out sightseeing, it will be warm and sunny. It is usually either spring or summer here, with need for possibly only a sweater or sweatshirt at night in the winter.
We have umbrellas for you to borrow, but chances are you will not need it.

So relax and your vacation in paradise will be perfect!

Paradise vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii - vacation rental house inn near Kehena Beach

Clouds and sunrise in Hawaii on vacation

Rainbows in Hawaii

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